Luciano Pavarotti Foundation and House Museum

From 2017 Divagando by Davide Barbadoro will promote, in close collaboration with the Foundation staff and with professionals of the sector, activities and a communication campaign focused on the Foundation and on Luciano Pavarotti House Museum.




After the passing of Maestro Pavarotti (6th September 2007), his wife decided to institute a dedicated Foundation with a double purpose: keeping the memory of Maestro Pavarotti alive and giving his students, or more in general young people embarking on opera singing, an opportunity to be heard and seen.

The memory of Maestro Pavarotti is preserved trough major events, like the exhibition at Complesso Vittoriano in Rome, inaugurated by the President of the Italian Republic at the time Giorgio Napolitano, and the memorial in Petra, Jordan, in collaboration with Princess Haya Bint Al Hussein, in the presence of queen Ranya and of numerous artists, dignitaries and international personalities.

The Foundation activities also focus on young singers. Maestro Pavarotti taught free lessons to many pupils that he considered to be promising.

He loved to teach; many know that before taking up his tenor career he had been working as a teacher in elementary schools. In his youth he maintained that, had he not become a successful singer, he would have gladly gone back to teaching. Many years later, still very active in his long and illustrious career as a tenor, he was very glad to teach classes again: he believed that sharing his experience and passion with young talents was his way of expressing gratitude for the great gift he had received, his voice. It was also a way to perpetuate and spread his visceral love for music.

Moreover, Maestro Pavarotti never forgot his beginning, and how hard he had been dwelling on whether or not to enter opera career, an arduous and uphill path. Mindful of such difficulties, he always tried to support young singers offering them visibility and, often, the possibility to stand on stage with him.

Today the Foundation continues the activity of the Maestro, following the road he drew and trying to offer new opportunities to the talents who wish to walk on the hard yet extraordinary path of opera singing.

The young singers who were selected by the Foundation have already participated in many concerts both in Italy and abroad, e.g. in Belgrade (Madlenianum Theater), Manfredonia, Rome (Conciliation Auditorium), St Petersburg (Concert Hall Oktiabrskye), Moscow (Kremlin Theater), Lucerne (KKL).

In November 2011, Nicoletta decided to launch a Luciano Pavarotti Foundation in USA, namely in New York.


Luciano PavarottI HOUSE MUSEUM

Luciano Pavarotti Foundation exceptionally opens the doors of Pavarotti House, turned into Museum House thanks to the staging of an itinerary aimed at a deeper knowledge of Luciano Pavarotti as a man and as an artist.

The residence of Maestro Pavarotti was completed in 2005; it is located in the area he bought in the 1980s. In that same area Pavarotti nurtured his great passion for horses, building stables and opening an equestrian school. Since 1991, for 11 years, the Maestro has been hosting in his estate a prestigious jumping competition (CSIO), in which the most famous international equestrian show jumpers participated. The villa was designed scrupulously following the indications and drawings given by the Maestro to the architects and technicians in charge of the construction. Many artifacts were manufactured by blacksmiths, carpenters, carvers, decorators from all over Italy, who created unique products. Today, the house of the Maestro still mirrors in every detail the personality of the man who conceived it. It guards the personal objects he loved and holds the memories of his days spent with family, friends and young students. This house allows the visitor to discover Pavarotti under the intimate and warm light of its rooms, to kindly approach his memory getting to know the daily habits, to see the man behind the great artist. It will be possible to admire the theater clothes he so dearly loved, the pictures and the videos that show his amazing art parabola, and the countless prizes and awards of over 40 years of career in the opera theaters all over the world.

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