ciao I am DAVIDE,
landscape promoter!
Leading organizer, for Marche e and Emilia Romagna territories, of innovative projects, events and tourist itineraries.
In evidenza
Ready to travel?
You have the right profile to
travel with me if...
  • Your mind is not scared of new experiences
  • You always walk hand in hand with imagination and curiosity
  • Sudden stories, like summer storms, are to you an incomparable and valuable gift
  • You are a cultural and/or tourist sector operator who wants to promote our country with new and captivating tools
I can try and awaken
your inner child if...
  • You have a history of grey memories and are not capable of being amazed by a breath-taking landscape any more
  • You think imagination is for kids only
  • You think intense Narration is pointless and not worth your attention
  • You are an operator who recommends beaten tracks and ordinary destinations with no creativity involved
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